• Proven, Cost-Efficient, Turnkey Solutions

    Abasco has earned an exemplary global reputation for systems excellence, and for providing a diverse range of clients with state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that significantly enhance operational productivity and cost-efficiency. The company’s talented team of designers, and fabricators have the unsurpassed capability to manufacture large, specialized systems for companies seeking large, one-location systems that can handle all phases of their project. Furthermore, Abasco’s commitment to deliver excellence in every facet of customer service and support. As a result, the company stands alone in its capacity to ensure total satisfaction on every project in which it’s involved.

  • An industry leader for over 50 years

    Founded in 1960 as a small metal fabricating company, Abasco has evolved over the last half-century into a leading full-service manufacturing firm. This growth is the result of Abasco’s principles of precision quality, innovative thinking, and comprehensive customer service. Today, the company is capable of handling projects of virtually any size — completely — from design, engineering, and metal fabrication to assembly of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems. Not as many companies offer the experience and expertise, or delivers the means for total project success, than Abasco.

  • Customization to meet Every Client's specific needs

    As many diverse products and systems as Abasco manufactures, when working with companies covering a broad spectrum of businesses, it’s often necessary to accommodate special operational requirements. Working closely with a client, Abasco professionals can design and manufacture customized solutions that completely satisfies every individual need. This ability to create and deliver precisely what a client requires is the reason Abasco counts GE, the U.S. Navy, and numerous other top international firms among its many satisfied customers.

  • A Family Owned & Operated Company

    From the beginning, Abasco has been a family owned-and-operated company, delivering a standard of operating stability and personal service few others have been able to match. The owners’ commitment to innovation and growing customer satisfaction has never wavered, making it possible to form long, mutually-rewarding relationships with many of the world’s leading enterprises, including the U.S. Government. Decades of quality manufacturing and technological advancement under the same visionary leadership has also resulted in Abasco receiving such a large amount of repeat business, as well as getting the vast majority of new projects through referrals from satisfied clients.

About Us

Taking unparalleled experience to the cutting edge

Abasco is a family-owned, full-service metal fabrication company providing design, engineering, metal fabrication, mechanical, and electrical assembly services for domestic and international clientele of all shapes and sizes.

From private to commercial to industrial applications, Abasco has the tools and techniques you want focused on your most critical manufacturing requirements. Whether we’re manufacturing electrical cabinets, skids, or any other welded assembly to your exact specifications or laser-cutting to fabricate your unique metal components, our customized solutions deliver the quality and competitive pricing you expect from an industry leader.

At Abasco, we do the job right – so you can do your job right.